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The North Lancing Community Association was founded in October 2006 to "promote the village, to act as a forum for residents views and to work towards creating community spirit"  



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  NLCA Coffee mornings 10am until Noon


Wednesday 22 June at Rosemary and Ricky Hannam's home - 18 Manor Road

Wednesday 20 July at the home of Maureen and Rob Ross- 2 Norbury Drive


A big thanks to all those who host these popular events and to our “organiser” Pauline Burton






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Butterfly Walk 2013 - Our 2016 walk will be on Saturday 9th July at 10am 

Chairman’s Chat Hello there and welcome to the NLCA web page! Here you have the details of our upcoming events organised by the EWEs written out for us by Rita, and Adrienne’s ever popular “Jottings from the Hill”. Pauline has sent along the details of our next Coffee Mornings. Might you be able to contribute  in some way to the web page? Articles, photos and the like are always welcome. Here is an idea to tempt you into that. This year sees our tenth birthday and in addition to our party in October, I am planning a special anniversary newsletter to coincide with this important milestone. Those items will also go onto this web page. Please send along (anonymously if you would rather) your memories and thoughts about our last ten years, photographs or if you want to be really adventurous your poems …. Go for it!!  Andy Brook 0787 5627153  

A message in from Adrienne at the EWEs concerning a proposed visit to Parliament; please note this will also be in our newsletter coming out in early July but some idea of those who have internet that are interested would be helpful at this stage, if you have NLCA friends who do not have internet you might like to let them know too   

Visit to Parliament on Monday 31st October 2016.  We will meet Tim Loughton at about 11.30 and will then have a guided tour at 12 noon.  We will need to depart from the Sussex Potter car park at 9am and will return during the late afternoon.  Cost will be £18.00 for the minibus.  Entrance and tour are free.  Refreshments are available at the Parliament café or you can bring a packed lunch to eat elsewhere.  I think the tour lasts about 1hr 30 mins.  These are very popular and we are lucky to have been allocated this date.  We need firm bookings to let them know the names and numbers. Adrienne 01903 753977

Our next NLCA Coffee Morning is on Wednesday 22nd June 10am until noon at 18 Manor Road courtesy of Rosemary and Ricky Hannam

News from the EWEs

Shall I mention the 10th Anniversary first or last, eeny meeny…. I think I will do it last.

Let’s start with what we have in store for you over the next few months.


20th June. The Poppy Factory.  There are still a few tickets left for the Mini Bus trip to the Poppy Factory in Richmond. If you want more details, you can either look at your last News Letter or ring Rita on 01903 755096. June will also take your calls on 01903 755522.


JULY. Eccleston Manor.   Eccleston Manor is a private Farmhouse and gardens, in Angmering.  It is not open to the public but the owner is sometimes willing to entertain small groups or individuals. We have been fortunate enough to have been invited to visit. We will be welcomed with Tea and Coffee, and then given a tour of the house and Gardens. After the visit we will pop down the road to the Spotted Cow Pub for lunch. The cost for the visit and Mini Bus will be £8.00. This charge includes a small donation to the Owners chosen charity. If you choose to take your own vehicle there will still be a £2.00 charge for charity. Please ring June 01903755522 for further details and/or to book.


10th August. Antiques Afternoon. Another chance to see Henry Nicols in action. For the seasoned Antique Afternooners, you know how it works. For newcomers…. we turn up at the Hall clutching one of our precious possessions, which Henry will talk about and tell you how much he thinks it is worth. We then enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Then after the raffle, (profits going to Henry’s chosen charity), you can stay around to chat or you can go home. This is a very popular event. The cost will be £3.50. If anyone would like to make a cake, (you will be refunded) please let us know. You are welcome to bring a friend. June is waiting to take your call on 01903755522. We will remind you of this event in July’s newsletter


3rd September. Walk/Visit to the Barn. Details in your next newsletter. Other trips being planned are The House of Commons and the Recycling depot. When we have dates for these 2 events we will let you know.


NLCA 10th Anniversary.  On the 8th October we will be celebrating 10 years of the NLCA (and they said it wouldn’t last). To mark this momentous occasion, we are going to have `a bit of a do`. We looked at events which we knew you enjoyed, and were popular and settled on Quiz, bigger prizes this time, Food, provided by Outside Caterers, and Drinks, provided by you, (BYO) As we are limited to numbers it will be on a first come first served basis. £5.00 will get you all of the above. You will be able to bring your own drinks, and a small amount will be available for those who don’t want to bring a whole bottle. As the time gets nearer we will let you know how things are going and how to obtain your ticket


Meet Stewart Metcalfe (PCSO) Police Community Support Officer for North Lancing “My main area of responsibility is the Manor ward in North Lancing where I aim to work with the community to address local issues, ensuring that Lancing remains a great place to live and work. From the shop keepers in the high street to the dog walkers on the Downs, I meet a wide spectrum of people within our community and it is great to hear everyone’s points of view” Stewart Metcalfe PCSO Manor Ward Lancing Adur NPT Lancing Police Station 107-111 North Road LANCING BN15 9BB Twitter @NorthLancingPol  Mobile 07920 723699 


Saturday 8th October sees our big event for 2016. To ensure as many as possible are able to come along and enjoy the evening, we are looking for about 10 members who will help committee/EWEs set up the Church Hall on the day. Please let andy know if you can help out!

A27 Upgrade You will probably know about the planned upgrade to the A27, in particular between the Airport traffic lights and Swandean.  There is a group called the A27 Working Group comprised of various Business organisations, local Politicians and MPs and various Residents groups; I am part of that group, representing the NLCA.  This is just a quick update on what I have already said in previous newsletters and Business meetings.  It’s a quick one because not much has happened, and not much is due to happen from our point of view for some time.  Here is a summary of the timetable:

1. Options Identification – Nov 2015 to Nov 2016 2. Options Selection – Nov 2016 to July 2017
3. Preliminary Design – July 2017 to July 2018 4. Statutory Procedures & Powers – July 2018 to Aug 2019 5. Construction Preparation - Aug 2019 to March 2020 6. Construction, Commissioning & Handover – March 2020 to March 2022

Key milestones:  1. Public Consultations – Spring 2017 2. Consultations Report - Summer 2017 3. Preferred Route Announcement - Summer 2017

So you see, it’s a long term plan.  However, Highways England are already narrowing down their options, and seem to be concentrating on a single route along the existing road, changing the current single track portion into a dual carriageway and improving junctions.  There are no plans for expensive tunnelling or new ‘expressway’ options.  Many of the local resident groups have expressed concern particularly about the ‘dualling’ and have formed a new group, Adur and Worthing Residents Association’ (AWRA); we are part of that group, whose remit is to represent better the views of the locals (which are not always in accord with Businesses and Politicians).  The main objection to the dualling idea is based on the opinion that it will have no beneficial effect, in that it will simply generate more traffic (a common problem when the capacity of a road is increased), but that it will have a seriously detrimental effect of blighting many households with the possibility of compulsorily purchasing and demolishing their homes, and will of course cost a lot of taxpayers money, quite possibly to little or no avail  This is not to mention the huge disruption during the build for at least two years.  The AWRA want Highways England to put much more consideration into intelligent traffic management than they seem to be doing; these have been implemented in several towns and cities around the world so this is not setting a precedent and could be a lot more effective and cheaper than adopting the usual measure of adding lanes, which anyone who has used the M25 for a few years will know has little or no beneficial effect on traffic congestion.  The ten lane section to the South is often the most congested, doing a half decent impression of a busy car park a lot of the time! The AWRA is asking for local resident’s views about the Upgrade, so that they can accurately represent them to Highways England and other organisations (including the A27 Working Group), so if you have something you want to say do please get in touch.  I have had a few responses to my last request for this but not many.  You could also write something for the next newsletter if you wish to let others know your views.  David Stevenson

NLCA committee 2015/2016 The following were voted in at our AGM on 20/11/15 - , June White, Delia Parker (Secretary),  Carson Albury, Ricky Hannam, Janet Guest , Andy Brook (Chair). The Treasurer position will be shared until May 2016 when Carson will take over that role

Jottings from the Hill  May 2016 Changes abound

My goodness – what changes there have been on the Reserve since the last newsletter.  Flowers are now everywhere in abundance and almost every day there are new things to see.  First of all, we saw the transition to spring beginning with the violets and gorse and then suddenly everywhere was filled with fresh green foliage.  This was followed by the snowy sloe blossom that adorned the bushes until the wind blew it away.  Recently, though, the limelight has been on the woodland flowers.  What a show they are making this year.  Hidden away, but worth searching for, are a few clumps of wood anemones.  They unfurl their delicate white flowers when the sun shines and curl up tight when it is dull.  But the stars of the woodland are undoubtedly the early purple orchids which have made a spectacular show this year.  There are swathes of purple flower spikes disappearing into the distance under the trees and it is clear that they have been spreading well within the woods.  Although they are just beginning to go over from their best display, they are still worth a visit.  As the woodland flowers start to fade, we now have the meadow flowers appearing.  First of all, clumps of cowslips popped up in unexpected places not seen before and now we have the cow parsley taking over with buttercups and a misty haze of blue speedwell nestling in the grass.  The warm weather has brought out the butterflies too and we have seen brimstones, peacocks, red admirals to name but a few.   It is such an exciting time and each day seems to bring its new surprises as we move towards the blossom season – hawthorn, elderberry and even the odd stray apple blossom and yet more meadow flowers.  Oh, is that the first of the vetch peeping up in the grass, and is that the first bird’s foot trefoil … so much to look forward to in the days ahead! By the way – as the country is Shakespeare mad at the moment it is fitting to note that the early purple orchids are the “long purples” referred to in Hamlet as forming part of Ophelia’s garland … Adrienne

If you wish to join the NLCA, please click on this link to read our constitution and check whether you live in our geographical area. Then having checked, if wish to join please do so via this link