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  Friday November 14th – Quiz Night

 Friday  November 21st  AGM

 Friday 19th  Dec – Christmas Cheer

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The North Lancing Community Association website
The North Lancing Community Association was founded in October 2006 to "promote the village, to act as a forum for residents views and to work towards creating community spirit"  
Lovely weather continues as I write these notes … hope you able to enjoy it. I start by using one of my favourite words “thankyou”. In this case it goes to Sue and John Wellfare who have housed and helped members and others use the NLCA photocopier over the years. Committee, mindful of the original bid made to WSCC to get the copier, decided to see if we could encourage wider use of the machine so the copier is now housed at Village Action, 17 North Road. All NLCA copying is being carried out at zero cost, others are being charged 10p per side A4.  here is still time to let me know about how to spend £300 of our funds on the area. I would like some more ideas and to that end have decided to put the options onto our membership renewals forms going out in November to encourage a good response. Please let me have your ideas by mid-October

Andy Brook
0787 5627153 (office hours please)
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Everything English …, what an afternoon. We had a ball, with light-hearted readings, poems, lots of singing and flag waving and a superb band the Tooters. We had fun fun fun.  If you missed the Tooters or would like to see them again let us know and we will see what we can do.

November 14th  Quiz with Fish & Chips. For the regulars there is no need to explain, but for new NLCA members who have never tried it here is what you can expect. You will probably never experienced anything like it before. The questions are really easy to answer, but it’s not easy to win. All will be made clear on the night. It’s really fun and can get quite noisy sometimes. And to add to the pleasure, halfway through the evening we have Fish & Chips with Tea and Coffee. The cost & booking details will be in the November newsletter.

December 19th. Christmas Cheer. Make sure you put this date in your diary, you won’t want to miss this event. More details later. That’s it for now except to thank you for your continuing support.

Booking details. Ring June on 01903 755522 or Adrienne on 01903 753977. Dog Evening Ring June on 01903 755522

Meet Stewart Metcalfe (PCSO) Police Community Support Officer for North Lancing “My main area of responsibility is the Manor ward in North Lancing where I aim to work with the community to address local issues, ensuring that Lancing remains a great place to live and work. From the shop keepers in the high street to the dog walkers on the Downs, I meet a wide spectrum of people within our community and it is great to hear everyone’s points of view” Stewart Metcalfe PCSO Manor Ward Lancing Adur NPT Lancing Police Station 107-111 North Road LANCING BN15 9BB Twitter @NorthLancingPol  Mobile 07920 723699 
“Would you like to come on a bat walk?” my mother-in-law asked me before I came to stay with her. Her son Graham and I live in Amsterdam. I love the nature that surrounds North Lancing. Experiencing its beauty at night together with a group of residents was an offer I could not resist and I did not regret it. On a beautiful summer evening, we met together on the corner of Mill Road, 12 people in all. Andrew and his wife Dru were the organisers of the walk. Dru had done online research on bats and told us about the different species that live in the area and on which sonar frequencies we could detect them. We learned that serotine and pipistrelle are the most common species found in North Lancing. Dru had bought a sonar bat detector so we could test our knowledge straight away. Off we went up the field into the woods. As soon as we got near the trees, the bat detector started making funny noises. There they were, the first bats! Chatting, laughing and stumbling through the dark, we made our way through trees and bushes, flashlights at hand. It was great. On the edge of the allotments we saw the most. Probably lots of tasty mosquitos and other bugs in the air. Later on, conversation changed to local matters such as a planned wind farm in the sea and the brand new football academy that lay proudly glowing in the distance. Opinions were exchanged whilst we enjoyed a beautiful view of West Sussex at night. Local MPs do join in on these walks! It is an effective way to gauge the opinion of your voters in an informal way! When it was really dark, we made our way home. The bats had retreated to the trees, I think we spotted about 20. A successful evening! Can I enrol for next years’ butterfly walk as well please? Ilja Andy replies – of course you are welcome to join us Ilja, it was a pleasure to meet up … and a big thanks to mother-in-law Jenny Marsh for inviting you along!
If you wish to join the NLCA, please click on this link to read our constitution and check whether you live in our geographical area. Then having checked, if wish to join please do so via this link 
NLCA member Sue Wellfare updates us on her work supporing NSPCC locally

Doing this recycling in the past 5 months alone (1st May to date) I have raised over £1000 (yes you did read that right!)  as a reminder the items I collect are:-

 Activia,Shape & Actimel yogurt pots
All coffee packaging- all brands and sizes accepted ie coffee jar lids, refil packs, packets that have had coffee beans or filter coffee in,plastic lids from tins of coffee including single serving and instant ones.
All brands and sizes of empty baby wipe, facial wipes and all purpose wipe packets
All brands and sizes of biscuit wrappers including individual ones
All brands of trigger sprays (like Mr Muscle but not the bottle)
All brands & sizes of plastic air freshners
All brands and sizes of baby food pouches including the lid (like Ellas Kitchen)
All Tassimo coffee disks including the milk and chocolate ones and the foil packets they come in.

There are “drop off” bins in the Co-op Lancing, both Childrens Centres Lancing, The Village Action Shop, St James the Less Church, North Lancing Butchers, Sainsburys Lyons Farm and The Garden Centre Findon and of course items can be dropped off at my house.  I will also collect if needed if people ring me 01903 761890

New neighbours? Why not introduce the NLCA to them? From time to time people move in and out of our area, it is always sad to see people "move on" but when people move in we have an opportunity to help them "feel at home". The NLCA has a welcome pack for new members of our local community, it includes a greeting card, the latest newsletter and a note from Andy inviting them to join the NLCA . So if you have new neighbours please ask for one of the packs to give to them or give Andy the address and he will deliver the welcome pack personally