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The North Lancing Community Association was founded in October 2006 to "promote the village, to act as a forum for residents views and to work towards creating community spirit"  



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Walk to the Barn, 10th September    








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Your invitation to our 10th birthday Party! Please follow the instructions to get your tickets!

Chairman’s Chat  The year goes by - please make sure that you have your tickets for our 10th birthday party - you need to do this by 5th September. Our AGM is on the horizon. Please consider joining the NLCA committee to take us into the next decade. Please get in touch with me to chat about what is involved in being a committee member Andy Brook 0787 5627153  

News from the EWEs

On a rain sodden day we set out for Richmond for our visit to the Poppy Factory. Neither the rain nor the interminable hold up on the M25 (making us 15 minutes late) would dampen our spirits. We were welcomed with Tea/coffee and biccies before a most interesting and moving presentation about the work and aims of the Poppy Factory. We were then able to wander around the working area and chat to the workers. We were invited to make our own poppies, using one hand only, and continue our tour. It was a good day.

Antiques Afternoon, August 10th. Bookings are now being taken for this event. If you want to come to hear Henry Nichols talk about life as a TV Antiques man, followed by tea/coffee and cake book your place now. Don’t forget to bring along an item for Henry to chat about, 1 only please. If you want to make a cake for us, we would be delighted and you will be reimbursed. Please let us know when you book. June is waiting to take your call on 01903 755522. 

Walk to the Barn, 10th September. If you want to join us for a walk to The Sussex Barn (with or without a dog) to meet and listen to a chat from Mike Tristram please book now. Tea and coffee will be available on arrival, and then after Mikes chat we will be serving a Ploughman’s Lunch. If you don’t want to walk why not drive up and meet us there. The cost for this event will be £5.00. Please call June on 01903 755522 or Rita on 01903 755096.

NLCA 10th Anniversary, 8th October. A reminder of what we have in store for you. We will start with a 4 game Quiz, more about that later, with bigger prize money. Followed by a sumptuous Buffet, and a chance to catch up with friends. You are invited to bring your own drinks (alcoholic or nonalcoholic); there will be a limited amount of wine available for those who don’t want to bring a whole bottle. Initially this will be open to Members only, but if numbers allow we may then allow you to bring a friend. Watch this space. The Quiz….. If you haven’t played our quirky quiz before, because you think Quizzes are boring or too intellectual forget all those preconceived ideas. The questions are really really easy and the format is very different. With tables of 6 –8 every one shares their answers so it would be hard to get it wrong. It’s the format for winning which is different. It can get quite noisy but we have a lot of fun. So come along and see what it’s all about. Please book early for this event, 1st September will be the closing date and all money must be paid by then. The cost will be £5.00 for Quiz and food. If you have any special dietary needs, please mention this when you book. To help the organisers set up and clear up we are asking for your help. If you can give us 15 minutes of your time we would be very grateful. Lastly our Local MP Tim Loughton has accepted an invitation to attend and to cut the cake. To book please call June 755522. Rita 755096. Adrienne 753977. Gail 764643. 

Houses of Parliament 31st October There are only a couple of spaces left for this trip so if you want to go and have not already booked please ring Adrienne on 01903 753977.    

Message in from PCSO Stewart Metcalfe “Hello Andy, I am sure you will be aware of the new local policing plan that went live on Monday. There will be no areas of personal responsibility for PCSOs but a team will be available when needed. There will no longer be any PCSOs based at Lancing, the team will now work from Chatsworth Road in Worthing. I have been seconded to Hove for at least 6 months and so will not be available and ask that you contact the team at Worthing if you have any issues. I will always be available should you have specific questions about North Lancing just give me an e-mail 


Saturday 8th October sees our big event for 2016. To ensure as many as possible are able to come along and enjoy the evening, we are looking for about 10 members who will help committee/EWEs set up the Church Hall on the day. Please let andy know if you can help out!

A27 Upgrade You will probably know about the planned upgrade to the A27, in particular between the Airport traffic lights and Swandean.  There is a group called the A27 Working Group comprised of various Business organisations, local Politicians and MPs and various Residents groups; I am part of that group, representing the NLCA.  This is just a quick update on what I have already said in previous newsletters and Business meetings.  It’s a quick one because not much has happened, and not much is due to happen from our point of view for some time.  Here is a summary of the timetable:

1. Options Identification – Nov 2015 to Nov 2016 2. Options Selection – Nov 2016 to July 2017
3. Preliminary Design – July 2017 to July 2018 4. Statutory Procedures & Powers – July 2018 to Aug 2019 5. Construction Preparation - Aug 2019 to March 2020 6. Construction, Commissioning & Handover – March 2020 to March 2022

Key milestones:  1. Public Consultations – Spring 2017 2. Consultations Report - Summer 2017 3. Preferred Route Announcement - Summer 2017

So you see, it’s a long term plan.  However, Highways England are already narrowing down their options, and seem to be concentrating on a single route along the existing road, changing the current single track portion into a dual carriageway and improving junctions.  There are no plans for expensive tunnelling or new ‘expressway’ options.  Many of the local resident groups have expressed concern particularly about the ‘dualling’ and have formed a new group, Adur and Worthing Residents Association’ (AWRA); we are part of that group, whose remit is to represent better the views of the locals (which are not always in accord with Businesses and Politicians).  The main objection to the dualling idea is based on the opinion that it will have no beneficial effect, in that it will simply generate more traffic (a common problem when the capacity of a road is increased), but that it will have a seriously detrimental effect of blighting many households with the possibility of compulsorily purchasing and demolishing their homes, and will of course cost a lot of taxpayers money, quite possibly to little or no avail  This is not to mention the huge disruption during the build for at least two years.  The AWRA want Highways England to put much more consideration into intelligent traffic management than they seem to be doing; these have been implemented in several towns and cities around the world so this is not setting a precedent and could be a lot more effective and cheaper than adopting the usual measure of adding lanes, which anyone who has used the M25 for a few years will know has little or no beneficial effect on traffic congestion.  The ten lane section to the South is often the most congested, doing a half decent impression of a busy car park a lot of the time! The AWRA is asking for local resident’s views about the Upgrade, so that they can accurately represent them to Highways England and other organisations (including the A27 Working Group), so if you have something you want to say do please get in touch.  I have had a few responses to my last request for this but not many.  You could also write something for the next newsletter if you wish to let others know your views.  David Stevenson

NLCA committee 2015/2016 The following were voted in at our AGM on 20/11/15 - , June White, Delia Parker (Secretary),  Carson Albury, Ricky Hannam, Janet Guest , Andy Brook (Chair). The Treasurer position will be shared until May 2016 when Carson will take over that role

Jottings from the Hill  July 2016 the good and the bad

Despite the unseasonal weather, the Reserve is suddenly looking very “summery”.  More and more flowers are appearing and filling the meadows with a patchwork of colour.  The Pyramid orchids have now appeared and must have liked the wet weather as they are particularly numerous this year.  They have even started to appear in new places not seen before.  One in the chalk pit, 2 by the dewpond, but the majority of the purple heads peeping from amongst the grass can be seen in MacIntyres’ Field and the meadow behind Firle Road.  When the sun does come out, there is also the subtle honey smell from the bedstraws that are now just emerging.  Then, where the grass is shorter, the bright yellow of Birdsfoot Trefoil abounds a plenty.  This is a plant with numerous country names – how about Granny’s Toenails or Eggs and Bacon?  It is the seed pods that have led to its name of birdsfoot trefoil because they look distinctly like birds’ feet or claws.  Although there are a lot of good things happening, sadly, sometimes the joys of caring for the Reserve can be tempered by unfortunate events and we recently had a problem with someone removing the bark from two of the beech trees in the woods, for reasons known only to themselves.  This usually leads to the death of the trees, so we will have to wait to see what happens.  We are trying a little experiment with a graft to see if that helps.  Still, let’s not be downhearted as the sun is now shining and the flowers and beauty lift our spirits. 


If you wish to join the NLCA, please click on this link to read our constitution and check whether you live in our geographical area. Then having checked, if wish to join please do so via this link