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The North Lancing Community Association was founded in October 2006 to "promote the village, to act as a forum for residents views and to work towards creating community spirit"  



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NLCA diary


NLCA Coffee morning Tuesday 29th September 10-12 at 2 Norbury Drive (Courtesy of Maureen and Rob Ross)


Wednesday 7th October. 2pm – 4pm. Antiques Afternoon with Henry Nichols


Saturday 10th October 10am – 5pm History Walk with Andy to Newhaven Fort


NLCA Coffee morning Friday 16th October 10.30am – Noon at The Perch Café, Beach Green, Lancing


Sunday 25th October. 2pm – 4pm. Adrienne is going to entertain us with a talk on the History of Lancing Ring

Membership is now 204

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Above. NLCA visit to Viridor
Chairman’s Chat The dreadful disaster at the Shoreham Air Show lies heavily on our minds. I am quite sure that you, your family and friends will have been affected by what happened there. Ours and the wider community across Adur has been deeply affected. We think about the victims. We think about the families of the victims. We think about those many locals who were on the airfield when it happened. We think about the emergency and backup services who responded so magnificently on the day and their continued professionalism into the investigation stage. We think about our local political and social representatives who have been called in to brief, support and pass on information about what happened. On the behalf of all NLCA members I pass on our condolences to those affected and our thanks to all involved in the aftermath
Our Annual Butterfly Walk was on Saturday 8th August under glorious blue skies and sunshine. 15 spotters set out along The Street, through McIntyre's Field, The Chalk Pit and to Lancing Clump. They were rewarded with 18 species including a very exiting Clouded Yellow. Species identified were Brimstone, Chalkhill Blue, Common Blue, Small Blue, Large White, Small White, Gatekeeper, Wall  Brown, Brown Argus, Meadow Brown, Small Heath, Marbled White, Red Admiral, Dark Green Fritillary, Clouded Yellow, Speckled Wood, Small Skipper, Small Copper
Jottings from the Hill – Summer’s not quite done – September 2015 from Adrienne Stevenson
The change in the weather to torrential downpours and grey skies brought about an abrupt end to this year’s glorious display of summer flowers on the Reserve. For many weeks there had been an abundance of different varieties and colours in the meadows; walks in the summer sunshine were accompanied by the sleepy hum of bees and the gentle flutter of butterflies as they passed from one nectar rich flower to another.  The purple Knapweeds, white Achillea, pale purple Scabious and pink Eupatorium are just some of the good insect flowers that have been plentiful this year.  But the weather changed and the wet flowers began to look sorry for themselves, and as the year moves on we now see and feel some early signs of Autumn.  Colder mornings, heavy morning dew on the ground, spiders’ webs bedecked with jewels of water droplets suggest that things are changing.  The birds have reappeared and are singing again after their brief disappearance to recover from the hectic breeding season and swallows can be seen flying around the Reserve feasting on the insects that will help sustain them on their long journey south.  Looking closer, though, here and there colours are starting to appear again.  This late burst of sun and daytime warmth has encouraged a last fling from the flowers. Not as abundantly as before, but still enough to help us hold on to summer for just a little longer.
Community Star Hazel Clyne writes “I have recently had a visitor from Australia. On being offered the choice of shower or bath, she said she had not had a  bath for years but may possibly do so if she could get in and out of it! It was decided to have a dummy (dry) run. Fully clothed she clambered in and then our troubles began. Try as we could, she could not get out, the possible use of a stool and a thick book proved to be of no assistance. Only one thing for it, I should have to summon help. My young, very tall policeman neighbour was at work, so as a good deputy, I rang Frank Spring. He came around with his wife, Liz, and with strict instructions not to touch the “dangly bits”, he got in the bath too and with a hug from behind she was up and soon out. Luckily the bath stood the combined weights but it was a shower from then on for her!  Andy adds “Excellent work Frank, you are a star. Perhaps other members can send along other recommendations for a “Community Star?”

Jean Young to step down from her role as NLCA treasurer

Jean has let it be known that she will be stepping down at our November AGM in her role as NLCA treasurer. We are most grateful for all Jean’s work over the years. Joining up in the very early days, Jean has been a very important part of the NLCA committee. Jean’s role as treasurer is on top of her busy work commitments so it is more than fitting that we say a huge “thank you” to her for those years of commitment and support

A27 Improvement Plans from David Stevenson You may be aware of the Government initiative to improve the road transport infrastructure in the UK and in particular that the A27 is earmarked for consideration.  The plan is to try and remove some of the bottlenecks around Lancing, Worthing, Arundel and Chichester.  It is a tall order and will cost possibly more money that the Project will receive, but the overall idea is to convert the road into a continuous dual carriageway with slip roads at entry points and no roundabouts or traffic lights.  Yes, many of us will say ’we have been here before’ and that this has been under consideration, on and off, for the last 40 years, so how is this likely to achieve anything better this time?  Well, there are of course no guarantees, but this time they have invited various groups from the local community to be involved, so ‘Working Groups’ for the various towns and cities along the A27 have been formed.  One of those is the ‘Worthing and Adur A27 Working Group’.  Perhaps now there may be a more serious intent to actually do something about the congestion and delays which occur along and around the road a lot of the time. 

The Chairman of this Working Group has asked us if the NLCA would like to be represented; I have drawn the short straw and will join the group on our Association’s behalf.  I will act both as a very frequent user of the A27, but also as someone who has an interest in the local area and the potential effect on it by such a Project, so I hope I have a reasonable understanding of the issues involved, but my main remit will be as a conduit for the views of members of the Association. 

The last meeting was in July (before we were contacted), and the next one isn’t until October, so there is plenty of time for us to come up with anything we want to say or do before then.  No doubt we can consider how we want the road to be changed, in terms of its route, how much should be in a tunnel, the effect on the surrounding area, where we really don’t want it to go, in other words all those points we will all have previously thought about but now need to present in a more coherent and persuasive way. 

The Terms of Reference for the Working Group are as follows:

1.     The Working Group (W G) will consist of personnel from the main political parties elected by Worthing and Adur residents; local businesses and local resident groups.

2.     The W G will evaluate all options that apply to the Worthing, Sompting and Lancing sections of the A27. The W G will have regard to such issues as value for money, benefits to the economy, congestion, casualty reduction, carbon emissions, all road users, including cyclists and pedestrians, air quality, integration with local transport networks, impacts on the local environment and direct and indirect impacts on the wider community.

3.     The W G will ensure that as much information as possible is placed in the public domain and promote appropriate media coverage about the options available.

4.     The W G will make recommendations to Department of Transport and Highways England.

 In order to get the necessary funding to improve at least our section of the A27 (which would also help alleviate congestion problems on the surrounding roads) it will be necessary to come up with some good arguments to support our case.  These are expected to be economically centered points but should also include the beneficial effect on People, in terms of the effect on our lives of delays, never knowing what time to start a journey in order to arrive at the destination at about the right time, the frustration and general waste of being stuck in stationary traffic queues, minimizing detrimental effects on the surrounding area, and so on.  I therefore welcome any constructive comments or arguments which I can take to the next meeting and beyond, so if you would like to contact me with your thoughts feel free do so via email at  or with a note to 21 The Street.  I look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to contribute.  I will of course report back regularly with any progress or other information

News from the EWEs
That’s what we went to see and that is what we saw. Our visit to the recycling depot was brilliant. On arrival we were given a warm welcome by 2 members of staff and ushered into a reception room. After a brief introduction, our delightful hostess, Eke, gave us a most interesting and informative talk on the role of Virador and the process of recycling. There were plenty of visual aids and our questions were answered clearly and professionally. One of our members even took a bag of rubbish with her, much to Eke`s amusement, and piece by piece we were told whether it could or could not be recycled (and why). After the talk we donned  HiVis Jackets, hard hats and ear defenders and proceeded into the plant. From a viewing platform we were able to see some of the work in progress and see all of our, recently acquired, knowledge in action. The most surprising aspect of the working area was the lack of `nasty niffs`. There was a constant spray of air freshener, which made for a very pleasant atmosphere. We might be able to arrange another visit next year if enough people are interested

The visit to The Chattri  was a pleasant way to pass the time on a Sunday. Fortunately we were blessed with good weather and were able to Picnic in the sunshine. The Monument and inscriptions were very interesting and it brought home to us the sacrifices made, on behalf of our country, by the Sikhs and Hindus during the 1st World War.

Everyone who went on the Minibus trip to Gravetye Manor hailed it a success and another one may be planned for later.  Coming soon to a Church Hall near you…….

 7th October. 2pm – 4pm. Antiques Afternoon. Henry Nichols will be coming along to give us a chat and value some of your little treasures. Tea, Coffee and cakes will be available afterwards. There will also be a Raffle, the proceeds going to a Charity of Henry’s choice. If you are able to make a cake for us you will be rewarded with Free entry to this event. Please let June know. The cost of this event will be £3.50. If you want to bring along a friend (non-member) the cost will be £4.00 .No pre-booking required

 25th October. 2pm – 4pm. Adrienne is going to entertain us with a talk on the History of Lancing Ring. Every local knows what is and where it is, but have probably never questioned its history. After the talk we will be serving Tea, Coffee and Cakes. If you can provide us with a cake your entry fee will be waived. Please let us know. A raffle will be held, the proceeds going to Friends of Lancing Ring. Advanced booking for this event will be necessary, please contact Rita or June, details below. The cost will be £3.50 for Members and £4.00 for Non-Members.

 Expressions of interest required. We are considering a return visit to Losely Park in December. It will be a chance to tour the House to see it decorated for Christmas, and Lunch afterwards. It will only be possible if we have enough people interested. Please ring June if you are interested.


Cakes for Antiques Afternoon and Lancing Ring History talk please ring June (01903) 755522 Tickets for Lancing Ring History talk please put your money in an envelope (with your names) and take to Rita’s house, The Old Forge, 2 Mill Road, or June’s Elder Tree Cottage, Mill Road.

Above. A visit to The Chattri more about this memorial

NLCA Coffee mornings A big “thank you” to Rosemary and Ricky Hannam for being our hosts at the august coffee morning – much appreciated. The next coffee morning is Tuesday 29th September 10-12 at 2 Norbury Drive (Courtesy of Maureen and Rob Ross). We are going to try something a little different for the October Coffee morning by having a trip on Friday 16th October 10.30am – Noon to The Perch Café, Beach Green, Lancing. This newly opened venue is within “The Big Building” on the beach

Welcome to the September Issue

Summer has gone as much as it was and it is time to reflect on the “highs and lows“ if any for next year – or complete failures and then decide on changes, if any, for next year with any different flowers or vegetables



*     Hanging baskets and Pots Dead head and water daily to maintain growth and colour for as long as possible

*     Lawns Keep mowing whilst it is mild and wet

*     Borders The soil retains heat in September and early October giving an opportunity to lift and divide perennials. Allow seed heads to dry for collection or leave to the birds, butterflies and insects before cutting back

*     Spring bulbs All bulbs should be planted now with the exception of tulips (in November). When interspersing with spring bedding plants, bulbs are planted last to avoid accidental damage

*     Cuttings This is a good time and so easy providing a light and frost free home can be found

*     Environment Start to feed birds and leave fresh water available and perhaps a tidy sheltered place with logs, twigs and stones for over wintering insects and amphibians

 Good to have Mr Diggit back! If you have any gardening questions get them to Andy and he will pass them on to be answered. Also why not share a photo of your garden, plants or vegetables for the newsletter/web pages?

Left. “Postie” Vic Garman Sue Wellfare writes Vic Garman who has been the postman serving the west side of North Lancing (Manor Road, Greenoaks, Griffiths, Lewis, Rossiter, St James, Firle etc for many  years has just retired “ The NLCA has a tradition of thanking essential service people like Vic. On behalf of everyone, Andy recently popped down to give Vic a £25.00 Marks and Spencer voucher, our thanks and best wishes for his retirement. Vic reckons it was “about 19 years on the round!”
A visit to Newhaven Fort – Saturday 10th October  by train at 10.00am and will be back into Lancing at 4.43pm. The fort is about 1 mile from Newhaven town along the bank of the River Ouse, please bear this in mind if you are contemplating coming along; there is no bus service. Once there, there are numerous exhibitions as well as the fort to enjoy along with a 10 acre site. A picnic would be an excellent idea (there is a café on site too). Rail cost is £6.15 per person based on groups of 4 and the fort entrance is £6.50 (Senior £5.40). Please let Andy know by 30th September  on 0787 5627153 (office hours please, text preferred) or if you are wanting to come along; Andy will then liaise with those who say “Yes” regarding tickets etc.

A little bit of Luxury at Gravetye Manor  from Adrienne Stevenson

William Robinson was a pioneer in the world of horticulture and is renowned worldwide for his ideas for using plants in a natural way.  During the Victorian period, bedding annuals in highly organised patterns was very much the popular style and it was this that Robinson disliked and challenged.  He purchased Gravetye Manor in 1884 and set about planting the gardens as a practical example of his ideas.  The manor house is now a luxury hotel and the gardens have been renovated over the past few years to return them to their previous glory whilst remaining faithful to Robinson’s ideas. 

So, on a wonderfully sunny day, we had a magical visit to a most beautiful and tranquil place.  In fact, I think it was one of the best visits that we have done.  The lovely old manor house has a relaxed, genteel atmosphere and we enjoyed coffee and homemade biscuits before starting a fascinating tour of the garden under the guidance of Tom, the Head Gardener, and Vera his dog, who has her own job to do.  Beautiful herbaceous borders, a very large kitchen garden that keeps the hotel supplied with seasonal fruit and veg, lakes and wild flower meadows make up the gardens of this medieval style Sussex manor house.  The gardens extend over 25 acres and fit in with the surrounding countryside in a seamless way.

After the garden visit (which took a fascinating 2 hours), we had earned a good lunch and that is just what we got in The Cat, the village pub in West Hoathly.  The Chef used to work at Gravetye Manor and the pub food was excellent.  We returned to Lancing a very happy group wondering where we could get together the £300 needed for a room for the night! By the way, Vera’s job?  To round up the hens, guard the garden from squirrels and warn off rabbits – so it’s doggy heaven too!

Meet Stewart Metcalfe (PCSO) Police Community Support Officer for North Lancing “My main area of responsibility is the Manor ward in North Lancing where I aim to work with the community to address local issues, ensuring that Lancing remains a great place to live and work. From the shop keepers in the high street to the dog walkers on the Downs, I meet a wide spectrum of people within our community and it is great to hear everyone’s points of view” Stewart Metcalfe PCSO Manor Ward Lancing Adur NPT Lancing Police Station 107-111 North Road LANCING BN15 9BB Twitter @NorthLancingPol  Mobile 07920 723699 
We are getting close to our 10th birthday!
2016 will be the 10th year of The North Lancing Community Association. The EWEs and committee will be working to arrange a social event in celebration of that milestone. We are very keen to hear from the members about their ideas to mark the anniversary too. Spring 2016 will see a recruitment drive to encourage more locals to join us. There are many reasons why people join (or do not join) community associations and we are keen to hear from the members about that. How could we do better? What can make us stronger in supporting the area? Where do we need to improve? At the November AGM we will begin to encourage thoughts around those questions. When that time comes, please let us have your thoughts and opinions
NLCA committee 2014/2015 The following were voted in at our AGM on 21/11/14 - Jean Young (Treasurer), June White, Delia Parker (Secretary), Jennifer Marsh Carson Albury, Ricky Hannam, Janet Guest, Andy Brook (Chair)
If you wish to join the NLCA, please click on this link to read our constitution and check whether you live in our geographical area. Then having checked, if wish to join please do so via this link